diesel engine pump testing

Roller type pumps with plunger diameters to 30mm.

Calibration & Testing

Fuel Injection Pump

Recent customer feedback indicates up to a 5% fuel savings when pumps are tested & calibrated.

Calibration and testing of fuel injection pumps for medium speed diesel engines is what sets Fluid Mechanics, LLC. apart from other fuel system parts and service providers.

Pumps are checked for leaks, tested & calibrated to assure proper delivery and performance. Results are compared against master pumps to assure accuracy & quality.

MC series injectors are tested on this test stand.

Watch a Video on Medium Speed or High Speed Injection Pumps

Fuel Injectors

Injectors are tested after every rebuild. Pop off pressure set to spec. Injector is tested for:

  • Atomization
  • Spray angle
  • Leak down
  • Drips
  • Chatter

Watch a Video on Fuel Injectors.


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