Woodward Diesel Systems

Woodward Diesel systems is the result of Woodward purchasing the medium speed diesel fuel systems from Delphi. Woodward Diesel Systems has been under constant development under the Delphi, Lucas Bryce and Bryce names. Fluid Mechanics, LLC. is proud to be an authorized distributor of diesel fuel systems by Woodward Diesel Systems and provide parts as well as service for these systems.

Woodward diesel engineWoodward Diesel Systems continues the proud tradition of six decades of product innovation, dependability and quality that have led engine builders to specify these systems. Markets for Woodward Diesel Systems' fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors are diverse and include main propulsion, auxiliary and land based installations. These pumps and injectors are found in many applications ranging from single engine coasters, tugs and trawlers to multi-engine passenger vessels, tankers, off shore drilling platforms and bulk carriers, to base load power stations.

diesel engine systemComponents that make up the fuel injection pumps and injectors are designed to provide long lasting, durable performance. These components include:

  • Barrels & Plungers
  • Delivery Valves
  • Fuel Injector Nozzles
  • and Other Key Components.

Woodward Diesel SystemsIn 1993, SKL fuel injection systems was acquired by Woodward Governor Company. Since 1950, when it developed its first fuel injection pump, new products have been designed and introduced on a continuous basis for ship propulsion, ship auxiliary engines and locomotives. Fuel injection systems are now supplied to engine manufactures on an ongoing basis utilizing modern machining centers.


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