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As a Authorized L'Orange Distributor we can supply genuine parts including:

fuel injection pump

Fuel Injection Pumps

fuel injection pump component

Fuel Injection Pump Components

fuel injectors

Fuel Injectors

fuel injector components

Fuel Injector Components

We also provide complete fuel injection
pump and fuel injector rebuild and
component reconditioning. All injectors are
tested and all fuel pumpsare calibrated and

L'Orange, based in Stuttgart, Germany, is a company with a great tradition and is the technology leader in the segment of high-pressure fuel injection. Prosper L'Orange, the founder of the company was also the spiritual father of some pioneering developments in the field of engine design.

The products of L'Orange are among the key technologies for high performance diesel engines.

L'Orange represents the product spectrum of fuel-injection technology for off-highway applications. The injection systems supply high-speed and medium-speed engines with various fuels and additives.

The high-pressure injection systems of L'Orange allow low pollutant emissions combined with low fuel consumption and a long lifetime.

These efficient injection systems are essential for environmental friendly diesel engines with a power output of 1,000 to 40,000 kW. The high pressures inside the fuel-injection systems - up to 2,000 bar - require the finest possible production tolerances of down to 0.001mm and the utmost cleanliness in the production process.

Welcome to the future of fuel injection technology.


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