fuel valve testerfuel injector test

Testing for atomization and spray angle.

What's New

L'Orange Pop Tester (Fuel valve/injector)

L'Orange has introduced a new fuel valve (injector) test rig to keep pace with today's advanced engine injection pressures. This new test rig is simple to operate while minimizing the chance for misuse.


  • Adjust opening pressure
  • Check atomization up to 650 bar
  • Check for nozzle /injector leaks


  • Faster and easier operation
  • Use with existing test devices and adaptors
  • Only a single set of test devices are needed for table top or ground based model
  • Fuel vapor is sucked up at testing

Additional tests can be conducted for:

  • Leak down
  • Drips
  • Nozzle chatter
  • Nozzle to injector body leaks
  • Fuel inlet thread leaks

Contact Fluid Mechanics, LLC. for additional information on this state of the art test rig or if you would like to purchase one. Testing injectors on this test rig will assure you or a properly operating injector when it is installed in the engine.


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